2022 Price Increases? Most Likely

2022 Price Increases? Most Likely

December 21, 2021

2021 has been a strange time for the streaming market. Streaming services began ramping up their content production again after a 2020 hiatus. Many realized that they're still the prefered method for most content, even as theaters opened back up. Life, seemingly, is going back to normal. But with 2022 coming, the biggest change we can expect in cord-cutting is likely going to be price hikes. 

Streamer's Spotlight: Inflation Will Come Calling in 2022 Streaming Service Markets

It's quite possible that we'll look at 2020 and 2021 as some of the best years for cord-cutting prices. Why? Because the down economy effectively put a halt to the slow march of price increases that preceded the pandemic. Providers were hesitant to raise prices of 2020's shaky economy (especially when they weren't producing new content), and even with the 2021 recovery, preferred caution.

Those good times will likely end in 2022. The economy is booming. People are headed back to work and wages are increasing. Although the pandemic continues to evolve, providers are also facing down inflation like the rest of us. Those inflationary effects aren't "transitory" as we were once told. Providers can only hold out so long before the flood of price increases hits us (and hard). 

1. Which Services Will Raise Prices?

There's going to be a huge question mark around which streaming services will raise prices in 2022. The easiest answer is "expect everyone to raise prices". It's likely going to be that bad. But more pointedly, the services that already have fairly rock-bottom pricing are going to be ones to watch. Those include (but may not be limited to):

  • Paramount+

  • Discovery+

  • Disney+

  • Apple TV+

  • Sling TV

  • Philo

We like being right about our industry observations, but here's a case where we'd be more than happy to be wrong (and we hope we are). 

2. How Much Will Prices Increase?

If price increases do come, and we're fairly sure they will, they likely won't be so high that everyone is taken aback. For on-demand streaming services, don't expect more than $1- $3 in price increases. For live TV service providers, like Sling TV or Philo, $5 price increases are not out of the question. 

3. Expect Some New Pricing Schemes

The cord-cutting market is still incredibly competitive. Straight price increases won't go over, and most subscribers will drop a service or two if they feel they're paying too much. Providers that recognize their own risk for losing customers may introduce unique pricing schemes to help salvage a potential bleed. This could include more free-with-ads models and new pricing tiers. 

Hold onto your seats...and your wallets. 2022 is coming, and so are the price increases.

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