The Age of Disney+

Behold, it's now the Age of Disney+

May 31, 2022

Before you groan: Yes, this newsletter is going to mention Netflix. But hear us out. There are some strong hints, based on the upcoming new releases, that we're about to enter the Age of Disney+. The Age of Netflix is likely coming to an end (and may already have, to some degree). 

Behold, the Age of Disney+

Netflix was the undisputed king of on-demand content over the past decade. Hits like 'Stranger Things', 'Orange is the New Black', 'Tiger King', and 'Bridgerton' have all made massive headlines, brought in millions of views for Netflix, and helped it grow (or at least, sustain) its viewership. But since 2020, the company has struggled to find many wins.

Meanwhile, it has seen itself surrounded by upstarts who are buying up some of the biggest IPs on the market and producing new, hit content within those well-established worlds. And therein lies the problem. Netflix has been unable to create an IP broad and inspiring enough that it can last for generations. And since it never played the game of buying these IPs, it now finds itself falling into the shadow of Disney. 

1. Disney Is the King of IPs

There are no two ways about it here. Disney is the king of intellectual properties that people want to see. Not only that, but it has a huge library of IPs that cover generations. Many of those worlds are so broad that they've never fully been explored in the ways that they can. And now, with Disney+, the company has the ability to reinvigorate its popular IPs, alongside those that it purchased in the past decade so, including Star Wars and Marvel. And we're seeing just the beginning of what it can do with these IPs.

2. Millennial Nostalgia Is Hard to Tamp Down

Millennials make up a large bulk of the viewership for all streaming services. They (we) are also incredibly drawn to the IPs from the 80s and 90s, an era where we had fewer worries and life seemed good. Disney owns quite a large amount of that content now, and it's doing everything it can to expand those worlds. 

Meanwhile, Netflix has only barely touched the surface of the Millennial nostalgia itch, precisely because it's been attempting to create new worlds itself. Those seeds may be sown well for Gen Z in the future, but in the shorter term, it's not a good solution to keep Netflix's biggest subscriber base onboard. 

3. We Can't Ignore Cost

Disney is a highly diversified company. Its production engine is well established. Ultimately, it's going to cost Disney less money to produce content than Netflix. That means Disney can keep pumping out hot content for its biggest IPs, all while charging much less for its service than Netflix. And it'll keep doing that until Netflix figures out a way to regain its foothold on the price vs. quality evaluation that subscribers are doing right now. Netflix just isn't hitting the mark, hence the subscriber bleed we're seeing now. 

This Week's Streaming Guide

1. A New 'South Park' Movie Launches on Paramount+

South Park fans, get ready! South Park: The Streaming Wars streams on Paramount+ this Wednesday (June 1). -

  2. 'The Orville' Returns with More Action 

What some call the true Star Trek successor, The Orville returns to TV with its new season on Hulu this Thursday (June 2). -

  3. British Medical Comedy 'This Is Going to Hurt' Coming to AMC+ 

Streaming this Thursday (June 2), the highly-rated comedy comes to AMC+/Sundance Now. -

4. Amazon Prime's Super Hero Show 'The Boys' Returns

Back for Season 3, The Boys returns to Amazon Prime to deliver more tongue-in-cheek commentary on the genre. -

News and Industry Developments

1. ICYMI: Here's the Trailer Star Wars 'Andor'

Disney released the trailer for its newest Star Wars TV series, Andor. Check it out! -

2. ICYMI: Here's the 'Willow' Trailer

Disney+ is on a roll! The company also released the trailer for its upcoming series Willow, which follows the original movie and includes several original movie cast members. -

3. YouTube TV No Longer Claiming Large Savings Vs. Cable

The company previously claimed users could save $750 compared to traditional cable. It has now dropped that language, partly highlighting its own increasing subscription prices. -

4. Netflix Adds Content Warning Following Uvalde School Shooting

Hinting at what the content of the series' 4th season may bring, Netflix added a content warning to Stranger Things 4 in light of the recent Uvalde, Texas school massacre. -

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