Dear Disney: Give Us an All-in-One

Dear Disney: Give Us An All-in-One

August 31, 2021

Earlier this month, Sony confirmed a point we predicted several months ago: The merger of Funimation and Crunchyroll under one roof. While the two services still remain separate, Sony's indicated plans to make them one (Funiroll? Crunchymation?). This move, however, puts Disney under the spotlight. The company now has multiple streaming properties, all of which are mostly siloed. It may make sense for the company to join these together for the sake of convenience.

Streamer's Spotlight: Disney Needs to Merge Its Properties 

To date, Disney owns nearly half a dozen well-known streaming services that are available in the US and several other countries. These include Disney+, Hulu, Hulu + Live TV, ESPN+, and even The company also has a stake in a large number of other streaming services, similar to what it had with Hulu before it bought all other stakeholders out. 

Its expansion means its footprint is starting to get confusing, and expensive, likely for the company and for its customers. So what should it do?

1. Disney Needs to Bundle Better

Let's start with bundling. Right now, Disney has a bundle available for subscribers that combines Disney+, Hulu+ Live TV, and ESPN+. That's a pretty solid bundle in itself, but the company needs to do a much better job of advertising the bundle and make it more financially attractive for potential subscribers. 

2. Disney Needs an All-in-One App

Here's a big one, and something Disney should probably roll out sooner rather than later. More likely than not, this is already in the works at the House of Mouse, but again ---- sooner, not later would be ideal. An all-in-one app would allow you to access Hulu, Disney+, Live TV, and ESPN+ content in one app instead of having to shift between multiple siloed apps to get all of that content. 

3. If No All-in-One, Go for Single Sign-In

Disney may not have an all-in-one app, for ideally, the company should make it so that customers don't have multiple username and password combinations to sign into its services. There are numerous highly secure single sign-on strategies the company could deploy that streamline this process for subscribers with accounts to multiple Disney streaming services. 

4. Disney Certainly Knows This

None of this is revolutionary. It's just a common-sense business. And as we mentioned earlier, Disney probably already has this in the works. But being a large, publically traded corporation, Disney isn't going to tell us what it's working on until it's practically ready. That being the case, we'll know when you do, but don't be surprised if Disney makes some rumblings about this sometime in 2022.

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