DirecTV Stream Takes a Step Back with Cancellation

DirecTV Stream Just Made THIS Harder to Do

October 19, 2021

We've reviewed cancellation policies before. In fact, it's just part of what we do here at Flixed. So when it came to our attention that AT&T has chosen to taken the unpopular move of making it impossible to cancel their DirectTV Stream service without contacting a live agent, well...just say we were more than a bit disappointed. We'll talk about that change this week, and why easy cancellation is important for cord-cutting.

Streamer's Spotlight: Ease-of-Use Should Be a Hallmark of Cord-Cutting

One of the many reasons many of us became cord-cutters was because of how unfriendly traditional cable TV is to consumers in just about every way, especially when it comes to cancellation policies. Traditional cable TV typically imposed large fees for canceling early, while you almost always had to talk to multiple people on the phone or on chat before you could cancel. And even after, more people as you had to return all of your equipment.

Presumably, those days were gone with cord-cutting services. But apparently, AT&T is trying to bring them back. With some small exceptions, DirecTV Stream customers must now contact customers service by phone or chat in order to cancel their subscriptions.

1. What Happened, Exactly?

recently reported that DirecTV Stream's cancellation policy was a "total mess". They weren't kidding. What they meant by that was that, except for customers in New York and California, where laws disallow that many cancellation hurdles, DirecTV Stream customers now have to talk to an agent before they can cancel their account.

2. What's the Problem?

There's no ambiguity about it: this is an anti-consumer choice that AT&T has made. The purpose is fairly clear: put as many roadblocks in the way as possible to reduce the number of subscribers churning, and try to put some customer retention strategies in the way of easy cancellation.

3. Easy Cancellation Must be Standard

Easy cancellation is in the DNA of the cord-cutting scene. The ability to get in and out of streaming subscriptions with ease, and specifically, without having to talk to anyone in the process, is integral to services in this market. DirecTV Stream's decision to remove that aspect is more than a small step backward. Hopefully, its competitors don't go that route, but it's hard to imagine that becoming the norm.

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