NBC Is Finally Getting the Olympics Right

NBC Is Finally Getting the Olympics Right

February 1, 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics starts this year. For US fans, that means turning your eyes towards NBC's Peacock service, where streaming will be available. But has NBC learned its lesson from the previous Olympics?

Streamer's Spotlight: NBC's 2022 Winter Olympics...What's New?

NBC has the rights to broadcast the Olympics in the US through 2032. That means the company is free to restrict how you're able to view the Olympics as much as it wants (within reason, as there are likely rules implemented by the IOC). Are there any changes for 2022?

1. NBC Isn't Sending Broadcaster to Beijing

This is not so much a change in how the programming can be accessed, but in the general experience. NBC decided

any of its broadcasters to Beijing this year, primarily due to how China plans to implement COVID-19 restrictions.

2. Full Day Coverage Is Here

This time around, NBC is planning to offer full-day coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics. This is a huge change from previous years, where it only showed a selection of events and forced U.S. viewers to watch minor events on replay. So yes, that means that if you have the premium tier of Peacock, you can now watch all events live through Peacock, something people wanted but wasn't available during the Summer Olympics.

3. Replays Will Be Immediately Available

This is also a new and welcome change for NBC's Olympics coverage. If you miss any live event, you can watch the full replay immediately after it has aired through Peacock.

Seems like NBC is very much stepping up its game this year after taking a significant amount of flack for its Olympics coverages in the past.

This Week's Streaming Guide

1. The 2022 Olympics Start February 2

Starting with curling and luge, you can begin watching the 2022 Winter Olympics beginning on Feb. 2 at 8 PM EST. -

  2. 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Airs February 4 

As is common these days, the opening ceremony is taking place after the first events. Tune into the Opening Ceremony on Feb. 4. -

  3. Who Are The Real Men In Black? 

Find out this week on VICE's special, "The Real Men in Black: Declassified", starting at 8 PM EST. -

4. Learn About Arctic Sinkholes This Wednesday

Arctic sinkholes are a thing, a d they're scary. Get the full details this Wednesday (Feb. 4) on PBS at 9 PM EST. -

News and Industry Developments

1. Peacock Now Has 17 Million Subscribers

NBC is slowly winning people over with its service, bolstered by exclusive rights to the Olympics. -

2. Streaming Video No Longer Attracts Investors

Companies may need to add new tricks to bring in investments. -

3. Netflix Is Still Using Secret Codes

The company uses these codes to categorize subgenres, and you can use them to navigate faster. - CNET

4. Disney+ Is Expanding to 42 More Countries This Summer

Expansion means more subscribers, more money for Disney, and a decrease in illicit streaming. -

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