Netflix Ads Incoming

Netflix Is Bringing Ads to the Platform

May 17, 2022

Netflix dropped a reality bomb this week that we can't say wasn't already expected: content ads are coming. Alongside the password-sharing crackdown, Netflix now plans to launch ads on its streaming service. That's a huge reversal for a company that notably resisted this move in both word and deed as recently as last year.

Netflix Ads...Say It Ain't So!

Netflix with ads. Netflix...with ADVERTISEMENTS. That's something many of us hoped would never happen, but let's face it: This was always going to happen. Netflix has struggled with revenue for a long time, and has basically spent every dollar that comes in on its lofty content goals. Now, with increased competition, the company is facing huge subscriber losses and needs to generate revenue in ways it resisted. Previously, that was by fighting against VPN usage. Then, future plans to attack password sharing. And now, launching ads on its content.

What does this mean for Netflix?

The most obvious impact this will have on users is that you'll have to sit through advertisements. That's something many people hate, and one thing many subscribers appreciated about Netflix. All the content you love, no need to sit through advertisements of any kind. And cheap! What more could you want?

Netflix should anticipate some major pushback as a result of launching ads. Probably more than with its password-sharing crackdown. There's a catch, however. If those ads lean heavily into star talent, people won't mind. Studies show most people are OK with ads when those ads feature TV, movie, and music personalities they like.

What does this mean for customers?'re going to have to watch ads. And for those of you who watch Netflix on web browsers: Netflix will probably block ad-blocking tools, so don't get too smug.

Now, Netflix is not unintelligent. It has some smart talent and although it's been a leader in some respects, it's also (hopefully) is humble enough to pay attention to trends. More likely than not, it'll launch ads alongside new payments tiers that will include a higher-cost ad-free tier and a reduced-cost ad-supported tier.

Competitors are watching

You can bet your sweet Roku that Netflix's competitors are watching what's happening at the company with both glee and trepidation. This is not going to be fun for Netflix. It's going to hurt, at least in the short term, and that's good for Netflix competitors. But Netflix could pull some surprises and do what it does best: innovate. And if it does, it could come out a clear winner in this new age of streaming.

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