Netflix Gaming? Meh.

Netflix Gaming Brings Its 'Meh' Game

November 9, 2021

The wait is over! Netflix games were released last week, to about as much fanfare as you expected (little). Perhaps, unfortunately, the games are about as underwhelming as you might expect from Netflix. The company is showing it's going to need to up it really wants to make a presence in the online gaming market.

Streamer's Spotlight: 3 Big Problems with Netflix Games

We doubt many people expected Netflix Games to be a smash hit. Although Netflix has some of the brightest brains when it comes to streaming development, the company is a bit out of its element when it comes to gaming. The release of Netflix Games last week underscored that quite a bit. There are 3 big problems with Netflix Games that will need to be addressed if the company wants to make as a big a presence in gaming as Google Stadia or Amazon Luna.

1. The Obvious: Controller Support

At present, there are 5 Netflix Games available: Stanger Things: 1984, Stanger Things 3: The Video Game, Card Blast, Shooter Hoops, and Teeter (Up). Of these, none has controller support. In fact, Netflix designed all five games to only be available and playable on mobile devices. No controller support is available for any if you're playing them through Netflix's app.

That's a big step backward for gamers, who typically prefer to play most games (even mobile games) with a remote. The really odd thing about that choice is that Stranger Things 3: The Video Game is already available on multiple consoles, all with controller support. Netflix may be looking to see how successful it can be with these first few games before launching its own branded controller, but if it wants to attract third-party support and be a true online gaming platform, it's going to need to support controllers.

2. The Less Obvious: Limited OS Support

If you loaded up Netflix on your streaming device (Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc.) and didn't find the games, there's a reason. Netflix is currently only offering its Games on Android devices. So, sorry iOS users. And also sorry anyone who was hoping to poke away at some of these games using your TV remote.

3. The Frustration: Quality

Aside from the Stranger Things 3: The Video Game, which Netflix simply pulled into its Games section, the options available are underwhelming, to say the least. Netflix may have played it *too* safe with its initial Netflix Games roll-out. The saying "go big or go home" tends to be essential in gaming. Netflix didn't quite do that, which may hurt its prospects for this venture.

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