Primetime for NFL+

It's Primetime for NFL+

August 16, 2022

The 2022 NFL season has started, and with it, subscribers' first look at what the new NFL+ streaming service can do. Will it even matter if NFL gets the service correct out of the gate? Probably not.

It's Show Time for NFL+

The NFL officially launched its NFL+ streaming service in the last week of July. Just a few weeks ahead of the 2022-2023 season, the new streaming service jumped in interest as soon as the news hit, although interest waned between the announcement and new season. While we anticipate more interest now that the season is here, there are big question marks on whether the service will be worth it.

1. The Cost Is Still Pretty Low

NFL+ is available for just $4.99 per month for the standard subscription, or $9.99 per month for the Premium. Subscribers can also pay 50% less for the standard or 34% less for the premium by opting for a year-long subscription option.

There are a few benefits to the Premium subscription that may be worth it for some subscribers. That option offers ad-free condensed replays, full-game replays, and features called Coaches Film. In case your wondering.

2. The Lack of Replays on Standard Is a Weird Choice

While watching NFL games live is always the preferred option, especially for sports fans, NFL+ does not provide replays with the standard subscription level. Nope. None at all. That's a weird choice on their part, and it's likely intentionally done to annoy standard subscribers enough to push them into the Premium package. It'll probably work, too.

3. It Probably Won't Matter If There are Limitations

Getting access to live sports is already difficult enough. A $4.99 entry point for NFL games is pretty much bottom-of-the-market pricing right now. That's likely to attract a lot of fans. But keep in mind, as with ever, you won't get every single game. There may be some blackouts for some games due to pre-existing agreements with other broadcasters.

4. It Probably Won't Matter If the Quality Stinks (At First)

Considering the general lack of sports streaming options on the market, especially cheap ones, it probably won't matter too much if NFL+ is just a lousy least a first. People can only tolerate so much. This week will certainly be a good test case for if the app can handle prime time.

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