Two Things Apple TV+ Can Do to Survive

What Apple TV+ Can Do RIGHT NOW to Survive

June 8, 2021

Apple TV+. Oh, Apple TV+. Hedging the name of Apple should have been a market killer, but instead, the service continues to flounder and struggle in the face of its competitors. Still, Apple isn't giving up, and it's pouring massive dollars into its original content strategy. This week, we'll look at what Apple TV+ currently has to offer, and why it's still struggling to attract a wider audience.

Streamer's Spotlight: Apple TV+, the Netflix Killer That Wasn't

When it launched in November 2019, Apple TV+ should have been a major contender with Netflix. And indeed, it could have been. If you're unfamiliar with the story, however, the short version is this:

When Apple was working on launching its streaming service, it originally tried to land lots of licensing agreements. However, thanks in large part to the abrasive personality of its chief negotiator for the service, Eddy Cue, potential contracts fell through. That left Apple in the unfortunate position of having to launch a streaming service with literally no licensed content. In fact, when the service launched, it only around a dozen titles available to stream. 

Essentially, Apple TV+ was starting from zero. That made it impossible to be a Netflix killer in the short term.

Apple Has Been Slowly, But Surely, Building Content

Apple basically had to give the service away in the first year. In fact, you can still get a free subscription to Apple TV+ if you purchase an Apple device. And the company still offers the service for under $5/month, far less than almost any other streaming service on the market right now.

The company seems dedicated to the direction it's had to take. What started as a painfully small content library has blossomed in the 1.5 years since the company launched the service. There are now 67 titles available through Apple TV+. That's not much compared to pretty much every other service it's competing with, but again, those are almost all titles that Apple has had to develop itself. With the exception of its

Charlie Brown

purchase, all Apple TV+ content is original and only available on Apple TV+.

Can Apple TV+ Survive?

Apple is nothing if not stubborn. It's shown that to be the case as it's worked to carve out a market share in the operating system market against Microsoft and the smartphone market against pretty much everyone else, but mostly Google with its Android OS. 

The company has the chops and the drive to succeed against tough competition and it has the money to do so. The company has over

. That's certainly more than enough to support building out a large content library for Apple TV+, especially if it's serious about sustaining the service.

Stiill, let's face it: Apple has an uphill battle. But it can do two things right now that would immediately expand its potential subscriber base. 

1. Add support for Android devices.

This might sound icky for Apple users, but let's face it. Not having support for Android devices is the biggest hindrance to Apple expanding its Apple TV+ service.

2. Buy availalbe content.

This is a popular trend. Just see Amazon and MGM. But most of the good production companies have been bought up already, so Apple may be left picking through scraps. 

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