Will You Stream Netflix Live?

Would You Stream Netflix Live?

May 24, 2022

We've been a bit Netflix heavy recently in our reporting, but that's no surprise; Netflix is still the top dog when it comes to cable-free streaming services, and its recent troubles have it with its back against the wall. That makes any interesting pivots the company makes well...more interesting. And this week, Netflix apparently confirmed that it's in the early stages of launching some live streaming content.

Netflix Live? It's Coming.

In a recent article, Deadline reported, and Netflix confirmed, that the streaming company is gearing up to start offering live TV streaming on its service. Now, before you get too excited, the company plans to step into this small by focusing on unscripted TV content, such as its comedy specials. That said, this is a big move for Netflix that could have some serious implications for its future.

1. Why Is Netflix Exploring Live Streaming?

That's an easy one. Netflix is currently looking at ways to bring people back to its service. Live TV streaming is just one of its most recently-reported attempts to do just that. Keep in mind that the company has been bleeding customers. It's going to do whatever it can to bring people back into the door. Live TV could be an interesting and valuable way for it to do that if done the right way.

, the early focus will be on unscripted content and stand-up comedy. Both of these genres still hold a lot of sway with TV viewers (especially the stand-up).

2. How Would Live TV Benefit Netflix?

As you've noticed, on-demand providers have been slowly switching away from the binge culture. E.g., instead of releasing every episode of a new season or new series, they're releasing those episodes on a weekly basis. This method reduces subscriber churn. If the company releases its new hit content on a regular enough basis, with only minimal time between those releases, it can keep people temporarily canceling their accounts.

This is the consequence of the month-to-month, no-contract pricing model that's a hallmark of the cord-cutting movement. Providers like Netflix know they can't lock people into long-term contracts; the culture is widely against that now. But they also can't afford the cost to make and release must-watch shows back to back to back if they release every episode at once. Weekly episodes are a smart solution, even if it's an old-school one.

Live TV content fits right into that. If people know they need to tune in at a certain time, they will, particularly to avoid spoilers and especially if Netflix can create enough FOMO through social media marketing.

3. If It's Successful...

Netflix is just dipping its toe into live TV content. If it proves successful, we can expect the company to company to go hard into this concept. But, this being Netflix, we can also expect the company to try to innovate the approach in some way to give it a unique value proposition. What that would be is anyone's guess.

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